#7 Daron George on the Black Experience in America and How the Church Should Respond (an interview)

In June of this year, I published an interview with my friend, Daron George, regarding the general Black experience in America and how the church can respond well. The interview, which immediately began making the rounds on social media, is quite sobering and I’m grateful for Daron’s voice during a time of unrest and blatant injustice. Daron’s answers showcases how hope and lament are never sworn enemies.

#6 Should Christians Read the Apocrypha? A Conversation with David deSilva

The sixth most popular post comes from an interview with respected scholar David deSilva about the apocrypha. For me personally, this interview has been most helpful in getting me realize the value of the apocrypha and the role it can play in helping God’s people to better understand God’s Word. DeSilva’s description of the apocrypha as having been the devotional of many Christians in the past is beneficial. The interview is from 2017.

#5 Is Paul Against Women in Leadership? A Conversation with Lucy Peppiatt

I spoke with author and Pauline scholar Lucy Peppiatt about misconceptions of egalitarianism (is egalitarianism “liberal” and a slippery slope?) and about if specific gender roles are rooted/imbedded within creation itself.

#4 Best Reads of 2019 was a post published in December of 2019 where I laid out my favorite releases of 2019.

#3 A Response to #ReOpenChurch By Michael J. Gorman consists of a short piece by scholar and author Michael Gorman, followed by an interview in which he lays his thoughts on how churches can respond to questions of reopening and better deal with division.

#2 “Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?” Sharing God’s Truth In Troubled Times (Joe Hellerman)

This was a post by Dr. Joe Hellerman who is a leading expert on the context of the New Testament and also enjoys playing keys in a rock band in his spare time.

#1 “Is the ‘New Perspective’ Heretical?” Michael F. Bird Responds

In response to many leading Reformed leaders making many provocative claims about the New Perspective on Paul (such as it being dangerous to orthodoxy), I set out to ask scholars of different leanings about their own two cents. My interview with Michael Bird was one of many interviews conducted with scholars (see below and links are provided):

James Dunn on whether or not the New Perspective “muddies the waters”

Scot McKnight on whether or not the New Perspective diminishes the reality of personal sin (one of the critiques of the New Perspective)

Kent Yinger on understanding the New Perspective

Andrew Das on a “newer” perspective

B. J. Oropeza on if the New Perspective is a fading fad

See also here also for my conversation with Dr. Mark Nanos about Paul within Judaism in which he shares his thoughts on the New Perspective.