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Paul Moldovan

I enjoy writing music, recording, drumming, and reading up about the Bible and discipleship. I'm married to the absolute love of my life and am a father of two. I have a MDiv from Portland Seminary of George Fox with an emphasis in Biblical studies.

Mark Driscoll on Deconstruction & Kate Shellnutt on Grace Community Church Cover-ups

Mark Driscoll takes to Twitter to discuss deconstruction, & Kate Shellnutt reports on cover-ups coming out of Grace Community Church.

Is Doubt Sinful?

In some circles, deconstruction is an unforgivable sin, marking one as an apostate or a leper. In other circles, to deconstruct has become a badge of honor—a rite of passage. Entering this conversation is Travis Dickinson, author of Wandering Toward... Continue Reading →

The Bible, Abortion, & Politics: a Conversation with Tremper Longman

Does Psalm 139 teach a pro-life ethic? Does Numbers 5:11-28 support abortion? Is abortion the equivalent of murder? Old Testament scholar Tremper Longman offers his take.

“Does the Bible Address Abortion?” with John Walton & John Goldingay

John Walton answers the question of whether or not the Bible is clear on abortion. John Goldingay offers a reflection & "guidelines" for bringing modern questions to the text of Scripture.

Walter Brueggeman: Being Prophetic, Avoiding Burnout, & Journeying with the Prophets

Walter Brueggemann answers questions about subtle forms of idolatry, what it means to be prophetic, and how the prophets of old can speak into our cultural moment.

Do Progressive Christians Love Jesus? A Conversation with Randal Rauser

Randal Rouser has published a book in response to Alisa Childers "Another Gospel" which Randal has agreed to discuss with me.

Christian Celebrity Culture, Shocking Scandals, & Isaiah’s Calling

Dr. L. Daniel Hawks shares his heart on recent evangelical scandals, what Isaiah might teach us, and how God prefers faithfulness rather than success.

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