A collaborative effort edited by Nijay Gupta and Jonah Sanford, this intermediate grammar is designed to meet the needs of students who freshly learned Greek but wish to refine their skills. The reader is “graded” in the sense that it moves from simpler translation work (Galatians) towards more advanced readings from the book of James, the Septuagint, and from one of the Church Fathers. A digital download is free (click here) while the paperback is available on Amazon (see here).






Shall Be Bright At Last: Essays on Suffering & Hope in Paul is available for download for free (click here). Edited by Nijay Gupta and Martha Bryne Van Houten, this collection of essays seeks to address the messy topic of suffering from a biblical perspective, drawing from the rich letters of Paul (and giving voice to the pastoral side of the apostle). With a commitment to avoid easy-fix answers to complex issues, Shall Be Bright At Last is great for either Bible study or personal reflection.

I was honored to have contributed, with my own chapter, “Looking to Christ: Discipleship in Suffering,” drawing on believers around the world who suffer on account of following Christ.



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