I have been interacting with Dr. Edward Fudge (best known for his views on hell being temporary rather than eternal) through email for a brief interview on his thoughts on hell, and he was kind enough to say “yes” to the interview. I have been waiting for his responses to four questions but was alerted tonight that he has just passed away. The church has lost an even-handed scholar committed to Scripture and marked by a rare humility.

Fudge arrived at his conclusions not through a knee-jerk (emotional) reaction but rather through intense research of hell in both Testaments. In this regard he is a challenge to annihilationists to not come to a conclusion on hell based on pure emotion, while to traditionalists, a challenge to not be afraid of where Scripture may lead one. Below you will find a few resources I have compiled.


Dr. Fudge interviewed by Rethinking Hell (2016)

Dr. Fudge on air with Michael L. Brown (Dec. 2013)

Dr. Fudge interviewed by Rachel Held Evans (transcript, 2013)

Dr. Fudge interviewed by Modern Reformation (transcript, 2002)

The website of Dr. Fudge