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Martin Luther

Reflecting on the Incarnation & Birth of Christ

As Christians of many stripes we all pause to remember the radical humility of God first manifested through the Incarnation and birth of Christ. In Martin Luther's theology of the cross he saw that the love of God is oriented... Continue Reading →

The ESV’s bizzare decision to never make (textual) decisions again

It's been announced that no more changes will ever (need to be) made to the popular ESV translation of the Bible. This is all very odd since the very purpose of Bible translation is to put the words of God... Continue Reading →

“The “glue” that binds the entire story of God”, Closer Than Close (book review)

Dave Hickman does a tremendous job at delving into deep theological waters without muddying them. Though it's highly-theological it's not another “barely-readable” book which doesn’t know which audience demographic to choose, academic or layman. The subject matter usually cloudy and unclear (evidenced... Continue Reading →

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