Author and theologian Douglas Harink (professor of theology, The King’s University College) has produced a simple yet concise commentary on 1 and 2 Peter. A few hundred pages in length, what I most appreciate about this new release (2019) is its to the point nature. I’m quite excited with this commentary series so far in that it may act as a bridge since a great number of Christians are turned off by the more technical commentaries out there. This commentary is great for those who want to whet their appetite but are hesitant to jump in head first.

On the authorship of 2 Peter…

The author assumes 2 Peter to be written by Peter, though he acknowledges differences between 1 and 2 Peter. I myself find no good reason to discount 2 Peter as being written by another.


I enjoyed the author’s short treatment of Satan in Peter’s epistle (1 Peter 5:8: “Be alert and of sober mind: your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour”). Harink finds that Satan is on the constant prowl against God’s people–the local community of faith–to disrupt its shalom. The community of faith must “resist the dangerous power of the devil to persuade us that there are better ways to triumph over evil than through the sufferings of Christ” (p. 128).  We tend to think of Satan trying to influence us toward pride and lust and the more obvious vices, and while we can be sure that Satan will tempt us in any way he can, he often resorts to subtlety. Satan is often at work in our world and communities “through our very desires and actions for justice, good order, peace, and progress.” All the more reason to “stand firm in the faith” (5:9), which has to do with loyalty to Christ and the pattern/model of selfless suffering that he lays out for us to emulate.

Overall a great resource to have to aid one’s personal study of Petrine literature and a great resource for sermon preparation.

Thank you, Brazos Press, for the copy!