Proving to be very readable in nature (as as well as very short: 128 pages), Matthew Jacobson’s latest 100 Ways to Love Your Wife provides husbands with some helpful tips for marriage, namely in the style of a list of do’s and dont’s. The author assumes the reader is a Christian, at times bringing up biblical passages to serve as guidelines for marriage.

Where the book falls short is, as practical as much of the information is, it is not much of a book but rather more of a list. As a result, each point can seem a bit random and in-cohesive.


I wanted to know my wife’s take on it, and after scanning through it she resonated with a lot of the advice given to Christian husbands.

I enjoyed 100 Ways To Love Your Wife for its simplicity and practicality, though it is not really written in the style of a book. As noted, there is helpful content as husbands (I certainly am not exempt) can forget their wife’s basic needs.

*I received my copy from Revell Books in exchange for an honest review.