Vogue recently wrote a piece article directed toward teens titled “What To Get A Friend Post-Abortion.” Like many I was appalled by what was insinuated and assumed in that article, so much so that I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. (In case you feel I’m being dramatic, see here for piece.) Allow me to very briefly outline a few of Vogue’s recommendations for you (the teen) to gift a teenager who gets an abortion.

Gift # 1=a funny movie.

Gift #2= “underwear that you can rock after your abortion” that are made for women on their period (which allows you to “rock them for your post-abortion woes because there will be blood“, bold mine).

Gift #4= an angry uterus heating pad.

Gift #5=a girl power hat.

And finally, at #6, an “F-Uterus” pin.

Though I remain a committed non-republican, I also remain pro-life since to me abortion cannot be bottled down and dismissed as simply a “political” issue; to me it is in fact a “Christian” issue. What this “article” demonstrates most is an insensitivity to this topic; women who have gone through abortions can attest that a funny movie won’t take away the feelings and depression naturally attached to having your child aborted.

Here’s what a Washington Post contributor had to say in response to Vogue:

Regardless of whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, it is clear that Teen Vogue should be ashamed of its decision to run an article that practically equates a teenage abortion with a day off of school for a cold. As a magazine read by millions, wouldn’t it be great for Teen Vogue to encourage truth and sensitivity instead of minimizing teenage girls to materialistic machines, incapable of their own thoughts and feelings? (See here for article)


As the article was written towards teens, 16-year old Autumn Lindsey posted a video in response that is gaining attention (see video below).