wayneWayne Grudem believes that because the Son was subordinated to the Father this reveals the subordination which women are to have in relation to men. In other words, the Father has authority over the Son, meaning there is a hierarchical structure within the God-head. I do not hold to such hog-wash (I always wanted to say that!) as the concept of the Trinity is about three equal “persons”, involving no hint of hierarchy. In fact Jesus (according to parts of the New Testament) was not “under” the Father(‘s authority) but rather was there creating with the Father and Spirit at the creation of the cosmos; Jesus (at least in creation) was not “submissive” but was rather very authoritative! While in the Gospels there seems to be some sort of subordination at times, this seems to only be the case in Jesus’ ministry; he is then “exalted to the right hand of God” and given the name above any other name. Yet Grudem (and others apparently) hold to an eternal subordination of the Son to the Father. Grudem’s position that the Trinity teaches women subordination says more about his views than what the Bible actually says; more about his bias (=log in his eye) than about what the Bible teaches and implies concerning the Trinity. The Trinity is silent concerning women in ministry and in positions of authority. If you look under every rock for your already-crystallized (or written in stone) positions then you likely will find them.