His name usually carrying with it baggage of controversy (with good reason most of the time), popular pastor John Piper describes how since this country’s inception it has been a “good thing” to be a Christian, while since the inception of Christianity it has been quite the opposite.

He seemed to imply what I feel more and more through the years; that we have let nationalism bleed into our theology so much that for some, being American and being Christian are one in the same. As Michael Gormon notes in his commentary on Revelation, the god of many Christians in America is nationalism (Michael J. Gorman, Reading Revelation Responsibly).

Recommended book for this area:

Samuel Escobar: The New Global Mission: the Gospel from Everywhere to Everyone (I hope to do a review on this book sometime soon). Although this book was written for missions, Escobar’s conclusions make the book appilcable to all other areas of life as it challenged me to reevaluate much of my theology.