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Mary The Revolutionary? Scot McKnight on The Mother of Jesus and her Impact on Jesus

Many Christians I encounter seem to want to place the gospel in a spiritual category safely away from the messiness of life, including politics. That is, Jesus is all about spiritual things (sin and salvation) and doesn’t really go near... Continue Reading →

Richard Wurmbrand’s Christmas Eve in Prison: the Power of Stories and Companionship

RIchard Wurmbrand describes one Christmas Eve in a Romanian prison during the communist regime.

John Cooper (Skillet) on Deconstruction, Christian Celebrity Culture, & The Authority of Scripture

I was honored to talk to John Cooper (front man and bassist for the rock band Skillet) about his thoughts on deconstruction and his new book Awake & Alive To Truth (see here for link). I also asked John if... Continue Reading →

Want To Understand Philippians?

One of my favorite Bible scholars, Nijay Gupta, has come out with a new resource on Philippians. I've had the great honor of sitting under Dr. Gupta for a few years and can honestly say that he knows how to... Continue Reading →

Recovering From Biblical Manhood & Womanhood: Introducing Aimee Byrd

Is Jesus the model for masculinity? What about female disciples? A look at Aimee Byrd's Recovering From Biblical Manhood & Womanhood.

Paul Within Judaism: A Conversation with Mark Nanos

I had a great conversation with Dr. Mark Nanos on recovering the Jewish roots of Paul the apostle. We delve into what first got Dr. Nanos interested in studying Paul, questions on the New Perspective, and much more. Continue Reading →

Is the Church Disappearing? A Review of Mark Sayers’ “Disappearing Church”

(By Cristian Boanca) In the last couple of months, not a few Christians have been engaging (or reacting to) the tidal wave of societal issues that have billowed over both our Christian and cultural landscape. Local churches have often endured... Continue Reading →

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