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The End of Time

Not The Worst Book On “End Times” (book review)

    I have pastor Matthew ("Matt") Hagee to thank for taking me down a trip to memory lane to a time when I immersed myself in Left Behind books, watched those types of movies, and was terrified of the... Continue Reading →

Can Revelation be Understood? Michael J. Gorman Responds

I had the great honor of conducting an interview with respected New Testament scholar Michael J. Gorman, concerning the book of Revelation. Dr. Michael J. Gorman is an authority on Pauline literature, and is the author of┬áReading Revelation Responsibly. Enjoy!... Continue Reading →

How Should We Approach Revelation? Kenneth Gentry Responds

I recently had the honor of conducting an interview with Reformed Theologian and respected Revelation expositor Kenneth Gentry who answers my questions concerning problematic issues related to this book and its interpretation. Enjoy! What's your response to Bible-reading Christians who... Continue Reading →

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