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“If God Knows the Future, Why Pray?” Darrell Bock Responds

  Below you will find an interview I conducted with well-known Bible scholar Darrell Bock (Senior Research Professor of NT Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary) regarding the relationship between God's sovereignty and prayer. The questions are in bold followed by Dr.... Continue Reading →

“If God is Sovereign, Why Pray?” Craig Blomberg Responds

I had the great honor of asking Craig Blomberg ¬†(distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary) five questions concerning God's sovereignty in relation to prayer. ¬†Blomberg has given extensive answers to questions many Christians have great difficulty with. Below is... Continue Reading →

Free Will: Does It Exist? (part I)

  Having never read Philip Yancey before, I went on ahead and opened to a random page of his "The Jesus I Never Knew" (my father gifted me this book among many others). Yancey was briefly interacting with the one... Continue Reading →

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