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A conversation with author Dave Hickman (Interview)

Below is an interview which I conducted with author and speaker Dave Hickman regarding his new release 'Closer Than Close' (a book which attempts to bring "union with Christ" back to the forefront and comes highly recommended by me).  ... Continue Reading →

The Issue of Gnosticism (part 2)

Paul and Jesus on worship While in many churches worship is thought to be solely about heaven and spiritual reality, Paul connects worship to the mundane of earthly existence: “Whatever you eat or drink do it for the glory of... Continue Reading →

How God Became King, N.T. Wright (book review)

N.T. Wright's How God Became King attempts to show that Christians tend to read the Gospels (Matthew-through-John) improperly. He notes a myriad of tendencies that are common in evangelical circles, one of them being, the reading of the gospels through Pauline... Continue Reading →

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