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Baker Book Review 2017

The Last Adam, Brandon D. Crowe (book review)

At the outset it must be said that The Last Adam (Baker, 2017) is an academic book. If you're not fond of many footnotes then this may not be for you. But if you are into academic books on the New Testament,... Continue Reading →

‘Do All Lives Matter?’ Wayne Gordon and John M. Perkins (book review)

Authored by pastor Wayne Gordon and civil rights activist John M. Perkins, Do All Lives Matter? The Issues We Can No Longer Ignore and the Solutions We All Long For (Baker, 2017) delves into the raging topic of racism towards black Americans... Continue Reading →

A Good Effort to maintain the Jewishness of the Psalms: “Shalom in Psalms” Book Review

What I appreciate most about this translation (called the Tree of Life Version , or the TLV) of the Psalms is that it unapologetically maintains the Jewishness of the Psalms. While our translations, English or otherwise, struggle to maintain the... Continue Reading →

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