Overthinking Christian

Our scope here is to rattle evangelical norms that threaten biblical norms (as well as pretend we are smarter and more "spiritual" than we actually are).



Was Jesus Raised From the Dead? (Video)

Below is the debate between Dr. Mike Licona (Houston Baptist University) and  former-Christian now-atheist Matt Dillahunty of "The Atheist Experience." The debate took place at the [un]Apologetic Conference 2017 in Austin, TX on Feb 25. The question of the debate... Continue Reading →

A Defense of Religion? A Brief Response to the New Atheists

From a philosophical viewpoint, ours seems to be a radically different era than ever. Before, people everywhere seemed to over-spiritualize all things; ‘the storm that ruined my crops came from the gods’ or ‘the crops were abundant because the gods... Continue Reading →

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