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Sabbath, Satan, & Suffering (& Deconstruction): Introducing A. J. Swoboda

A.J. Swoboda talks deconstruction, "the system of the beast," and how Christians can learn to sabbath during our current state of unrest.

Not The Worst Book On “End Times” (book review)

    I have pastor Matthew ("Matt") Hagee to thank for taking me down a trip to memory lane to a time when I immersed myself in Left Behind books, watched those types of movies, and was terrified of the... Continue Reading →

Angels in an “Enlightened” Era: Scot McKnight’s “Hum of Angels” (book review)

If there was a topic I avoid like the plague it would be "angels." Not because I'm not interested, but rather because I have read far too many books on cosmology which have left a bad taste in my mouth.... Continue Reading →

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