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Our scope here is to rattle evangelical norms that threaten Biblical norms (as well as pretend we are smarter and more "spiritual" than we actually are).


Book Review

Is There “Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted?” An Assessment on Ron Citlau’s new release

Ron Citlau is a pastor, married to a woman, and is same-sex attracted. He cares for what the Bible says. He knows real struggles. And yet he knows real victory. All this and more is what Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted (Bethany... Continue Reading →

“When Affliction and Faith Collide:” ‘Struck’ by Russ Ramsey (book review)

Russ Ramsey, a pastor I had never heard of before, was diagnosed with cancer years ago. His journey he documents in the new release Struck: One Christian's Reflections On Encountering Death (InterVarsity Press, 2017) in which he recounts ways in which... Continue Reading →

What is the Fruit of the Spirit Anyway? Christopher J. H. Wright (book review)

Books on the fruit of the Spirit (or even lone chapters dedicated to this topic) tend to be very general, leaving the reader with more fog than clarity. I have found the same problem with the sermons I've heard over... Continue Reading →

‘Do All Lives Matter?’ Wayne Gordon and John M. Perkins (book review)

Authored by pastor Wayne Gordon and civil rights activist John M. Perkins, Do All Lives Matter? The Issues We Can No Longer Ignore and the Solutions We All Long For (Baker, 2017) delves into the raging topic of racism towards black Americans... Continue Reading →

‘Can Evolution and Christianity Coexist?’ Adam and the Genome (book review)

Dealing heavily with the “set-in-stone” dichotomy between Science and Scripture (or more specifically evolution and Scripture), Scientist Dennis R. Venema and New Testament scholar Scot McKnight have created a book which very well may challenge previous assumptions Christians have concerning science,... Continue Reading →

Are There Apostles Today? “Moving In the Apostolic” by John Eckhardt book review (revised edition)

John Eckhardt comes out swinging in this book (originally written in 1999 but revised in 2017) in explaining that apostleship did not cease with the death of the apostles. Unfortunately, his exegesis usually proves to be forced, his conclusions seeming... Continue Reading →

The Gospel and Social Inequality; “Dream With Me” by John M. Perkins (book review)

Never having heard of the John M. Perkins, Dream With Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win (Baker, 2017) served as a great introduction to someone I now consider a true American hero. Containing stories of the hardship... Continue Reading →

Katharina and Martin Luther, Michelle DeRusha (book review)

I admit that more than once I have wondered about Martin Luther’s relationship with his wife and who she was exactly. In this sense author, blogger and speaker Michelle DeRusha does us a favor in uncovering who Katharina Luther was in... Continue Reading →

Did Paul ‘Mess Up’ Christianity? (2016 Book Review)

Drawn in by the title as well as some of the endorsements, I am currently finishing up the November release by IVP titled Paul Behaving Badly: Was The Apostle A Racist, Chauvinist Jerk? It's refreshing to discover a new book written by... Continue Reading →

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